Why Welcome Emails Are Important?

The welcome email is a key moment in the beginning of the brand / customer relationship. It is at this time when the brand must reinforce the value proposition for which the client has decided to register and give us their personal information.


The welcome email is the letter of introduction of the brand to the customer, so you must have all the relevant information that you want to highlight about your brand and reflect what the brand can do for the customer.

Therefore, we are going to give you 5 reasons why you should do welcome email:


1) Have a Good First Impression

One of the main reasons to invest in welcome emails is to leave a good first impression, something memorable. After all, this message is the equivalent of a handshake between two people, but in digital format.


2) Customize The Welcome Email

By having segmented groups, you can customize the welcome messages, considering elements such as geolocation, for example. In this way, each group and each contact will receive a personalized email.


3) Offer Relevant Content that Generates Value

 A welcome message can show your customers what to expect and what you have to offer.


4) Take Advantage of Sales Opportunities

When a new contact shows interest in hearing what you have to say, that means this user wants to know more about your company and your available products or services. A welcome email comes in handy right now, since this receiver may be at the right time to buy. A good tip to improve results is to add a promotion.


5) Save time

The routine is getting busier, so it is important to save the time of your contacts and yours! Create personalized and automatic welcome emails that are sent automatically every time you have a new contact, so you will spend less time and attend to your entire list individually

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