Search Engine Optimization

Get to the top of Google G

It is fair to say that when it comes to the internet, Google rules all. Companies can put tons of effort into brand recognition, but users will still turn to Google search over directly entering your URL into the browser. 
Having a strong Google web presence is essential to your digital strategy. Not only does it ensure you appear above your competitors, but it also makes your marketing efforts significantly cheaper.

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What is SEO? S

SEO in a nutshell

SEO focuses on organic search results and consists in applying a series of techniques both inside (On-Page) and outside (Off-Page) of a certain Web site, with the aim of optimizing and improving its visibility in the organic results of the different search engines.

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Why do I need SEO? W

Provides Value

SEO gives value to your website and it is the way to communicate to the search engines what your business is about.​

Identifies Keywords

Keywords are used by the search engines to relate them to the search terms of the users. By targeting keywords and phrases, users will be able to find your website more easily.

Lowers Marketing Costs

If you're paying for Google Ads, you can begin ranking for the same keywords for free. Reallocate your budget to other marketing strategies or double up on your exposure.

Establishes Authority

Being in the top positions of Google, not only provides visibility but also reinforces your businesses credibility.

Reaches More Customers

Through SEO, your content reaches an audience that is immediately looking to buy, targeting more qualified users and potential customers.

Increase Local Traffic

Leverage the benefits of local search by generating traffic through Google My Business and Google Maps. Target users in your area and direct them to your website or physical location.

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The ROI of SEO R

SEO is a long term strategy that could take months to see results. However, once you start ranking organically for the ads you’re paying for, you can increase sales without increasing your marketing budget.


Simply reallocate your marketing budget to other campaigns and let your organic search results perform with no direct costs.

How SEO helps marketing M

As marketers, we understand that users rarely click ads, less than 1% on average. Rather, we build resonance with our clients by recurrently reaching out to them on multiple platforms.

When your client decides to make a buying commitment, they won’t go back and look for your ad, rather they’ll turn to Google search and seek out your product or service. Hopefully you outrank your competition!

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