Our Latest Projects

Tereposky & DeRose


T&D is a law firm that specializes in domestic and international trade law practice with experience acting as counsel to the federal governments in multiple sectors. The firm wanted their digital presence to justly reflect their expertise and skill set.

We worked together to 
identify opportunities for web improvements to equip the firm to serve their clients with the same quality digitally as they do in-person. 

Project Goals

  • Enhance website navigation and referral sources to increase content findability

  • Create an information architecture that ensures that lawyers and key sectors are easily findable
  • Simplify content and technical jargon so that it is easily understood by all website visitors

  • Increase brand awareness and credibility
  • Improve website experience for target users. 

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization


  • Conducted market research, completive analysis, and analyzed web data to better understand the target audience’s needs and behaviors  

  • Performed a deep business analysis to identify relevant information and an ideal content structure 

  • Created personas to help T&D identify and understand their target audience 

  • Performed, ideation sessions, empathy mapping and how might we to ensure design solutions are optimized for target audience

  • Created design concepts based on research and usability testing


  • Redesigned their website to enhance user experience while ensuring their brand and voice was incorporated  

  • Improved task success making it easier for target users to understand and complete tasks 

  • Improved task findability making it easier for target users to find what they are looking for 

  • New and improved web presence based on user research and design standards & principle  

  • SEO optimized website  

  • Give users the ability to identify relevant services and provide information on who to contact 

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