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ST. John Ambulance



St. John Ambulance is Canada’s leading non-for-profit organization that prides itself on improving the health, safety and quality of life of Canadians; through their first aid trainingcourses and products, they ensure the safety of personnel in the workplace.

In w
anting to improve their business operations, SJA national identified barriers and challenges that we worked with them to overcome through a leadership role Parallel with SJA national, we were able to work closely with SJA Atlantic to launch a campaign for them.  

Project Goals

  • Compete for a strong digital real estate within search engines through improving SEO rankings 

  • Allow customers to book courses or purchase products online  

  • Promote a common brand and user experience 

  • Generate more revenue through a provincial and national marketing strategy  

  • Begin tracking user analytics to track improvement  


  • Hosted a number of SEO workshops for SJA staff on topics such as keyword research, comparative analysis, on-site SEO, landing page, off-site SEO & link building.


  • Trained SJA personnel on the upkeep of their website SEO on a long-term basis.


  • Performed a deep-rooted business analysis to develop a strategy best suited for their business model.


  • Created a digital marketing plan for SJA and SJAA (google ads, google search, keywords etc.)  


  • Automated the business in respect to event & learning management, email automation, CRM, e-commerce, advanced payment and supply chain management.

  • Managed the design and development of the national website including but not limited to content strategy and management.

  • Automated numerous aspects of SJAA with respect to user analytics, reporting, CRM tracking and email automation & drip.

  • Designed and developed a website for SJAA that included an optimized information & content architecture, content writing and wireframing & prototyping 


  • Improved SEO for better online exposure that led to increased revenue, traffic and leads.

  • Adapted the website responsiveness to abide by the mobile-first design principles.

  • Centralized web publishing and content management to improve.

  • Created the opportunity for self-service through a corporate account management system.

  • Streamlined purchases into a single transaction to improve checkout experience for users.

  • The completion of a successful marketing campaign that yielded $60,000 in profits.   

  • Increased site traffic and brand awareness.

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