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Canada Gazette


The Canada Gazette is the official newspaper of the Government of Canada, providing information on new and proposed regulations, administrative board decisions, and public notices. The team noticed various usability issues with their existing website.

They found it was outdated, complex, complicated, and often received negative feedback. We worked with them to identify the root of these issues and propose user-friendly solutions that collectively transformed the user experience of their website as a whole.

Project Goals

  • Evaluate the usability of the existing website and recommend improvements.  

  • Propose new design concepts that address usability problems and improve task success.

  • Improve content findability with better website Information Architecture.

  • Reduce the time spent searching for relevant information 


  • Analyzed the market, industry, and web analytics to understand target user.

  • Hosted discovery workshops such as task scenarios, jobs-to-be-done and empathy mapping throughout the project lifecycle to identify business and user needs.

  • Conducted remote moderated usability testing with target audience to identify usability problems, identify opportunities, and measure task success.
  • Developed new design concepts to address usability problems identified in testing.


  • Improved task success making it easier for target users to understand and complete tasks. 

  • Improved task findability making it easier for target users to find what they are looking for.
  • New and improved design concepts using the Canada.ca design standards, patterns, and templates. 

  • New search functionality and features to improve search results and task findability.
  • New solution for users to submit comments and interact with proposed regulations 


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