Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

SEO Ranking Factors S

There are more than 200 SEO positioning factors that, as their own name suggests, make your page appear in Google results. These factors are constantly changing and are divided into two types: internal factors (on-site) and external factors (off-site).

External Factors E

Off-site SEO factors are those that we can not control directly. They indicate to the searchers the authority that a website has, that is, whether it is trustworthy or not. Nobody knows exactly how the authority of a website is established exactly, although it is likely that there are numerous factors that define it.

The behaviour of the user, the quality of external links and social signals are some of the most important:

Quality of External Links

Suppose that tonight you have that long-awaited dinner and you need to bring a good wine. Where would you go to buy it? To the store that was recommended by 4 expert tasters or to the one that was recommended by 40 people to whom you have asked randomly on the street?

If you have decided the first option, you have chosen the correct one. Well, the same thing happens to Google, instead of taking into account the number of external links that direct a website, it gives more importance to the quality of the webs that direct to that link.

User Behavior

Depending on the behaviour of a user, such as the pages you have visited before and how often, search engines can show some or other results. It also influences the user's location. The results shown for the same term will be different depending on the place from which the search is performed. We can optimize chips in Google my Business, but never control from where they look for us.

Social Cues

In search engines, mentions in social networks influence when designating the authority of a domain. Both the shared links on Twitter and the shared pages on Facebook can decide if a page appears higher or lower in the search results.

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The content of your website is the most important factor to position in Google. If you offer original and interesting content for the user, you will likely appear in the first position of the Search Engine. Google's website crawler is responsible for establishing whether content is original or not.

Additionally, the content must have at least 300 words. However, it is being observed that texts whose extension is between 1000 and 1200 words position more easily.

Before generating content, it is important to carry out keyword research and choose which keywords you are going to focus on, strategically include those keywords throughout the text and offer updated information on those terms.

Site Structure

When Google bots or crawlers access your website, they send all the information they track to their servers. That is why it is important to facilitate the tracking as much as possible. Having a good URL structure not only favours this but also helps usability and user navigation.

Website loading time is also essential. We must bear in mind that the loading time factor not only worsens the user experience but also influences the ability of search engines to index all the pages of your website.


The bots that access your website are really only able to read your HTML code, so it is essential to have it well structured and optimized. Search engines use certain HTML tags to display content information in their search results.

Internal Factors I

On-site SEO factors are those related to a website and that we can control directly. Its main objective is to make life easier for search engines when they access your webpages. The quality of the content, the web architecture and the HTML code are the most relevant factors of a website.

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