How to do a Keyword Research


Keyword Research For a Successful SEO Strategy K

how to do a keyword research

Ok, you’ve heard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for your website, right? Did you know that keywords are important for a successful SEO strategy?


If we are not sure on what words users search in order to get on our website it will be very difficult for us to increase and optimize traffic for keywords we do not know.


The first thing you have to understand is what types of keywords there are, they can be distinguished by two factors:


According to the intention of the user


These searches are defined by the objective that the user has when performing them, in turn is divided into three:


Informative: They look for information. Example: how to make a lasagna.


Transactional: The purpose of the search is to complete a transaction, which can be to buy something or download any resource.


Navigational: The search is aimed at finding a specific website. Example: Facebook.


According to the volume of searches

The volume of searches differentiates the keywords according to the number of search around them, is divided into three groups:


Head: They are very broad searches with a lot of search volume and a lot of competition. Example: Cats.


Middle Tail: Searches that specify more but remain very general. Example: Funny cats.


Long Tail: They are very specific searches, with little competition and that are mostly transactional. Example: Videos of funny Persian cats.


1. Approach to the keyword list


The first thing you have to do when generating a list of keywords that is consistent with your website is to know what you offer, who you offer it to, where you offer it and what differentiates you from the competition.


  1. In one sentence, what is the center of your business?

Children’s books.


  1. What do you sell?

I sell children’s books online.


  1. What services do you offer?

Educational children’s books, coloring books and children’s models.


  1. What is your customer profile?

Moms and dads between 25 and 45 years old with small children.


  1. Does your business have a physical place?

Yes, I have a store in Ottawa, Canada.


2.Group keywords into categories


Before continuing with the keyword search you have to create a spreadsheet to add the keywords from now on.


Now that you are clear about where and to whom your business is directed, you have to group the theme of your website into categories, something that will then help you to expand the list and search for related terms.


Following the example of the books, we could group them into four broad categories:

  • Buy children’s books online
  • Online store of educational books
  • Ecological children’s books
  • Educational books in Ottawa, Canada
  • Buy coloring books


This list itself does not serve as a list of keywords, they are too generic and therefore with a lot of competition, all you have done is to group the themes of your website, something that will make the following steps much easier.


3.Expand the list of keywords


In the following steps it is where you will find the keywords that will generate business and where you have all the possibilities to attract users and at the same time position in a satisfactory way, this is where you will discover the long-tail of your website.


For this we will use the following tools:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool
How to do a Keyword Research Infographic

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