How to Attract Potential Customers with SEO

Do you want to attract potential customers? Forget about traffic and start measuring your effectiveness by converting to customers. The first and main obsession of many brands is traffic. Get visits at all costs. However, we always ask ourselves, what is the use of traffic if we do nothing with it?

How to get quality SEO traffic?

Before starting with a content strategy, it is very important to know the need of our potential client. This will help us establish what kind of information we are going to show. It is also essential to know some details that define it. For example, knowing their age, how they consume information, what language they use, etc. It will help us when displaying the content.

SEO in the discovery phase


The discovery phase begins at the moment when a user identifies a need.

In this phase, the content must be educational, since our goal is to help and inform about a need.

How we do it at LeapUX:


Let’s suppose that our potential client has suffered a decrease in sales and knows that one of the ways to solve it is to get more leads through his/her website.

That is, the need to increase the conversion to get more leads has already been identified.

Doing a previous keyword research using tools such as Google Adwords, Google Suggest, etc. We know that the searches of our potential client in this phase are:  «how to increase leads», »tips to increase leads», »how to improve conversion», etc.

Therefore, our mission will be to have content that covers the largest number of searches through posts such as:

  • Tricks to increase your leads


  • How to perform an effective evaluation of your leads


  • Where to include your CTAs to improve conversion

It is important to have content for different searches in the discovery phase. Since in addition to increasing SEO traffic, it will also provide a good brand image.


SEO in the consideration phase

In this phase, the potential client knows that there is a solution for his/her need, either because we offered it to him/her in the previous content, or because he/she has discovered it by his/her own means.

The content deal with more specific topics, since the searches are a bit more specific than those of the previous phase.

How we do it at LeapUX

Suppose you have already read any of the previous posts. In these posts we subtly showed content marketing as a way to get more leads.

Now our potential client begins to consider Content Marketing as a possible solution to his/her need.

From the SEO point of view the searches in this phase are about Content Marketing. Therefore, we create posts like:

  • What is content marketing?

  • How to develop a Content Marketing strategy?

  • How to create a Content Marketing plan?

In this phase the long tail keywords play an important role, that is, those that have a low search volume but still capture traffic from search engines.

Keep in mind that the potential client already knows what the solution is to his/her need. Now the searches are much more concrete. It will look for post information about real cases, practical examples, etc.

How we do it at LeapUX

Our potential client already knows that content marketing is the solution, but our client needs to look for information that will help him/her decide definitely. To do this, we use email automation that allow us to convert that user. For example, sending to our visitors success stories in content marketing in their sector.


As you realize, the conversion value of a website is to capture quality traffic, and these are the three steps you should start to put it into practice. Keep in mind that search engines are currently giving more importance to the search intention than to the keyword itself, so focusing on the content in one way or another will influence when it appears in search engine results

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