Comment attirer des clients potentiels avec le référencement naturel (SEO)

Do you want to attract potential customers? Forget about traffic and start measuring your effectiveness by converting to customers. The first and main obsession of many brands is traffic. Get visits at all costs. However, we always ask ourselves, what is the use of traffic if we do nothing with it? How to get quality… Continue reading How to Attract Potential Customers with SEO

SEO mobile | Comment améliorer votre site mobile ?

“Studies reveal that mobile traffic exceeds desktop.” It seems that in recent years we have not stopped seeing headlines like this. And it is not surprising if we look around. You may even be reading this from your mobile.   One of the aspects that makes it essential to optimize a mobile website is that… Continue reading Mobile SEO | How to Improve Your Mobile Site?

Pourquoi les e-mails de bienvenue sont-ils importants ?

The welcome email is a key moment in the beginning of the brand / customer relationship. It is at this time when the brand must reinforce the value proposition for which the client has decided to register and give us their personal information.   The welcome email is the letter of introduction of the brand… Continue reading Why Welcome Emails Are Important?