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LeapUX focuses on being a leader in digital strategy & transformation by helping organizations understand their business, define their projects, and create better experiences for their customers.

“While our customers focus on doing what they do best, we take it upon ourselves to handle the in-betweens”  
– Nicholas Marengere, Co-founder

Our Story S

Established in 2011, LeapUX was founded on the same fundamentals we practice today; customers stand at the centre of everything we do.


This philosophy is engrained in our culture and defines our relationships with our clients.

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​I am a web strategist and entrepreneur with an expertise in the field of fundamental targeted advertising, user experience, and sales psychology.​


Brittany Wanka

Brittany is a marketer at LeapUX with a specialization in social media marketing. With her background in business marketing and a passion for digital marketing, Brittany can use her experience and knowledge to help LeapUX and clients optimize their business identity through the creating personalized digital strategies.




Manik a Front End web developer focused on crafting clean & user friendly websites and web applications. Mannik is also in charge of user permissions and administration for all applications and services




To describe Monika would be as a “Jack of all trades”, because Monika loves to learn and grow her skills. She has experience in the e-commerce world, where she advanced her UX, coding, marketing, researching and design skills. That is to say, anything the client or her team needs, Monika will learn how to do it. She is currently very enthusiastic about her role as a UX researcher & designer for the team, where she is tasked with backing up all design choices with facts. Monika, through her research, aims to understand people’s habits, thinking and choices as they’re browsing the internet to ensure that her website designs go beyond “pretty” and actually function for the people using them.

UX / UI Design

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Word of Mouth W

Exceptional services
  We have been working with LeapUX for a number of years and they have always delivered exceptional services. They are a professional team that delivers amazing results. Thanks guys!  

Véronique Roberts
CEO at Franco Langues
Generate more leads
  Awesome company to work with. We generate more leads at a lower cost than the competition thanks to the team at LeapUX.  

Peter Farah
CEO at Get Approved Canada
Our SEO ranking grew overnight!
  We used to work with a competing website servicing company but are thankful for having found LeapUX. LeapUX got us to the top of Google, ahead of our competition.  

Sebastien Chenard
Tourangeau Mechanical

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